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China Restaurant Yung


The most popular Peking duck & dim sum of the city. 

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China Restaurant Yung


Welcome, China Restaurant Yung in Frankfurt!

Were you driven to us by your cravings for Chinese specialties or by your curiosity for something unusual?

Have you already been pampered by us several times, or is this your first time with us or even at a Chinese restaurant?

In any case, we warmly welcome you!

Cantonese specialities

At our restaurant, you can expect delicacies of Cantonese cuisine, homemade dim sum and desserts, our famous Peking duck, as well as modern creations.

Our Cantonese specialities originate in the southern Chinese province of Canton and are characterised in particular by steamed and braised, but also fried dishes. Delicate, spicy, sweet, flavourful dishes are very popular. A variation of spices such as pepper, soy sauce and ginger play an important role. But hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, plum sauce or sweet and sour sauce are also important ingredients in many dishes.

In China, traditionally tea is drunk with meals. At our restaurant, you can also choose from a wide selection of teas to complement your meal

Homemade Dim Sums

Our homemade dim sum is especially popular. The Chinese word "dim sum" means "touch the heart," and once you try a dim sum dish, you'll understand why it's named that way. In China, dim sum can be found on most street corners and markets in various qualities and price ranges. It's a meal shared with friends and family. At our restaurant, dim sum can be eaten as both an appetizer and a main course, depending on the quantity. We serve well-known dim sum dishes like spring rolls and glass noodle rolls, as well as extravagant dumplings like cream cheese dumplings and mango shrimp rolls.

Vegan customers will also be well taken care of with our selection of dim sum and main dishes.

Homemade Dim Sums

Homemade Dim Sums

Legendary Peking Duck

Many of our guests come to try our traditional Peking duck. Our Peking duck is not only known for its excellent taste and its thin and crispy skin, but also for the carving process which is done at your table. The carved duck is then served on a shrimp chip plate and eaten with pancakes, hoisin sauce, and vegetables.

If you come to us during the week at lunchtime, we prepare in-house creations in bowl form for you. These are delicious, healthy and look great.

Our chefs and the entire team are always looking for new inspiration to modernize traditional dishes or to cross traditions with their own ideas.

Therefore, you can always expect new delicacies from us!

Since we can get very busy on Fridays and weekends, we recommend making a table reservation in advance.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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