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Welcome to China Restaurant Yung, a true gem of Chinese cuisine in Frankfurt! Since its founding by the legendary Dim Sum Master Yung in 1988, the restaurant has a long-standing tradition and is now in the hands of the second generation. Waiwah Yung and Chikei Yung, the daughter and son of Master Yung, are co-owners of the restaurant along with Waiwah's husband and Master Chef Xiejie Li.

The trio forms the heart of the restaurant and offers an unparalleled culinary experience. Waiwah is a specialist in creating dim sum and has developed numerous unique recipes that never fail to delight diners. Xiejie Li is responsible for the Cantonese dishes and whips up delicious and authentic dishes that offer the best of traditional Chinese cuisine. Chikei is the duck master and responsible for a smooth service. His skill in carving Peking duck is second to none. His best time of an incredible 2:03 minutes has earned him numerous awards. He has currently applied to the Guinness Book of Records for a world record in which he will attempt to carve an entire Peking duck in just two minutes.

The menu at China Restaurant Yung offers a wide range of dishes, from classic Chinese specialities to innovative creations developed by the chefs themselves. The restaurant is known for its homemade dim sum, which comes in numerous variations and makes every visit a unique experience. The Chinese word "dim sum" means something like "touching the heart", and as soon as you have tried even one dim sum dish, you will understand the reason for this naming.

Another highlight of the restaurant is the award-winning Peking duck, which is one of the best in the world. The duck is traditionally prepared and carved at the table, accompanied by delicious pancakes and homemade hoisin sauce. Vegans won't be disappointed at China Restaurant Yung either, with plenty of vegan dim sum and main courses on the menu.

The restaurant has received numerous awards, including 'Germany's Best Country Cuisine' from 'DER FEINSCHMECKER', 'The Best Delivery and Pick-up Service in Hessen' from 'FALSTAFF' and 'Travellor's Choice' from TripAdvisor as '10% Most Popular Restaurant Worldwide'. The restaurant has also received countless 'Best Restaurant in Frankfurt' awards from 'Journal Frankfurt - Frankfurt goes out'. The service at China Restaurant Yung is excellent and the ambience is elegant and inviting, making every visit a special experience.

If you are looking for authentic Chinese cuisine in Frankfurt, then you should definitely visit the China Restaurant Yung.

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