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For how many people is enough one Peking duck

If you eat ONLY Peking duck, one duck is enough for two to three people. Many young couples eat a whole Peking duck for two at our restaurant. After that, they still like to take dessert. Let’s do the math: Our duck is about 2.4kg. After grilling it is about 100g less. If you subtract the 60% of the weight for the bone and the meat leftovers, which are still attached to the carcass, we still have about 800g of meat. There are also pancakes, spring onions, cucumbers and sauces. Summa summarum around 1000g. It may well be enough for three people. But you must not forget, our Peking duck tastes so good that you rather eat one piece more

Should we take one Peking duck or rather two Peking ducks with 4 persons

We like to recommend one Peking duck for four people. Of course, that comes from our culture, that we basically share the food and always have a second or third dish in addition. But one duck is not enough for 4 people to get full. Two is. If you want to have a really nice Peking duck evening, then take two. For a social evening, we recommend adding appetizers and vegetables. Our dim sums are excellent, after all. We recommend three servings of Dim Sums (best to choose the ones that are 4 pieces per serving. Otherwise, we are happy to add one piece for an extra charge) and a vegetable dish to go with it. Three servings of Dim Sums is about the amount for one person. Another main dish equals the amount for one more person.

What is the difference between Peking Duck Pure and Peking Duck Menu

With Peking Duck Pure, you get the Peking duck, pancakes, scallions, cucumber strips and hoisin sauce. We give that to you in ONE course. What makes Peking duck special is that you wrap the Peking duck in pancakes. In this case, feel free to wrap the meat and skin together. The two courses as a menu are classic eating way. Actually, you only eat the duck skin. That’s why you go to so much effort for the duck skin. We serve you the duck skin with pancakes first. The meat goes back to the kitchen and comes as the second course. Along with duck meat, vegetables and jasmine rice are served.

How to eat the Peking duck

A special feature of Peking duck is that the duck skin is wrapped in pancakes. You put the pancakes on, then you place the duck skin, scallions, cucumber strips and hoisin sauce on the pancake. You can then roll it up or fold it as well.

Can i also order the Peking duck to go

Yes. Some very many guests of ours do. And even regularly. If you don’t live far, you can unwrap the duck at home and enjoy it. But if you’re eating later because you have another trip or because your guests aren’t there yet, you’re also welcome to reheat the duck. OUR PEKING DUCK IS VERY EASY TO REHEAT AT HOME. Set the oven to convection and 220°C Put the Peking duck in the aluminum dish directly in the oven Bake for 4 minutes

How to prepare the Peking duck

Check out our website: https://chinayung.de/die-peking-ente/

What is the difference between normal duck and Peking duck?

Duck and Peking duck are both species of waterfowl belonging to the anatidae family. However, there are some important differences between the two species. For more details check out our website: https://chinayung.de/die-peking-ente/

What is special about Peking Duck?

Peking duck is a very popular dish in Chinese cuisine, which consists of roasted duck cut into thin slices and then served with special sauces and vegetables. What makes this dish special is mainly the very crispy skin and tender, juicy meat of the duck, which is achieved through a special way of preparation. For more details check out our website: https://chinayung.de/die-peking-ente/

How does Peking duck taste?

Peking duck has a tender, juicy meat that has a mild flavor. The meat is generally less fatty than that of other duck species and has a particularly tender texture. Let’s check it out. Order your Peking Duck now from china restaurant yung

Is the Peking Duck gluten-free or does it contain other allergenic ingredients?

The Peking duck itself is gluten-free, but the pancakes served with it contain wheat flour and the hoisin sauce we offer also contains gluten. As an alternative, you can switch to gluten-free plum sauce and lettuce leaves as a side dish instead of pancakes, but please let us know ahead of time.

How big is a Peking duck?

One Peking duck weighs about 2.2 kilograms, subtracting the weight of the bones. In the end, you are left with about 1.1 kilograms of meat and skin, which should be enough for two people.

How long does it take to serve my Peking duck?

Preparing and serving Peking duck is our specialty, so we are very fast. Usually it does not take long. If it must, no more than 5 minutes until your order is served.

Can I order the Peking duck vegetarian?

Unfortunately no. We regret that we serve only real duck.

Any recommendations for a wine to pair with the Peking Duck?

A light to medium-bodied red wine is often recommended with Peking duck, such as a Pinot Noir. This wine has a mild aroma and a fruity note that pairs well with the flavor of the duck. A Pinot Noir is also a good compromise if you prefer a red wine, but don’t want too much body and tannins in the wine that could overpower the flavors of the duck. Alternatively, a slightly chilled Zweigelt or a moderately alcoholic Syrah may be a good choice. However, it is important to note that it is a matter of taste and it is best to do a wine tasting to find the perfect wine for you.

Can I also pre-order the Peking Duck to avoid waiting time?

Yes, you are welcome to pre-order. In fact, we recommend it to avoid longer waiting times. Our China Restaurant Yung always has sufficient stock, but by ordering in advance we can plan even better and provide you with a faster and more pleasant visit.

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