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What are Claypot dishes 煲仔菜

What are claypot dishes 煲仔菜 a specialty of Chinese cuisine

What are claypot dishes

Claypot dishes

Clay pot cooking is a process of cooking food directly in a pot made of unglazed or glazed pottery. Clay pot cooking is easy, fast, and also saves energy. Another advantage of cooking with what is often called a Chinese clay pot is that it’s pretty enough to take from stove to table. The food will bubble and stay hot while you’re eating.

Many people insist that food tastes better when cooked in clay, over an open fire. Restaurants all over the country offer soups and stews cooked and served in tall clay pots; Chinese medicinal herbs are decocted in rough earthenware jars; and the Cantonese, in particular, adore clay-pot cooking.


Gebratenes Hühnchenkeulefilet mit Ingwer, Frühlingszwiebeln in Tontopf * Claypot with chicken, ginger and spring onions


Geschmorte Rinderbrust mit Rettich in Chu Hou Sauce in Tontopf * Braised beef brisket with radish in Chu Hou Sauce in claypot

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Curry Hühnchenkeulefilet in Tontopf mit Kartoffeln, Brokkoli * Claypot with curry chicken, potatoe and broccoli


鱼香茄子煲 Geschmortes Auberginen und Entenwürfeln in Tontopf * most famous szechuan dish ‘Yu Xiang Qie Zi’ * ‘Fish Fragrant Eggplant’ – braised eggplants with duck in claypot

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Geschmortes Lammfleisch mit Engelwurz in Tontopf

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geschmortes Tofu Eintopf * Claypot with braised Tofu and vegetables

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Eintopf mit geschmorter Schweinebauch und eingelegten Senfblätter * Braised pork with preserved vegetable

梅菜扣肉(英文名:Pork with salted vegetable),汉族传统名菜,属客家菜 [1] 。制作材料有五花肉、梅菜、葱白、姜片等。

Braised pork with preserved vegetable is a traditional Han nationality dish, belongs to the Hakka cuisine. The ingredients are pork belly, plum, green onion, ginger slices, etc.
Pork belly is boiled in a soup pot, added with soy sauce, deep-fried and colored, and then cut into slices. Then add green onion, ginger and other seasonings and stir-fry for a while, then simmer in the soup over a low heat, put the pork belly in a bowl, top with the plum slices, pour in the original soup and steam thoroughly. When taking the dishes, put the meat back on the plate.
After being cooked, the meat is rotten and fragrant, tastes salty and slightly sweet, fat but not greasy.


geschmortes Spanferkel mit Möhren, Broccoli in Tontopf * braised suckling pig belly with carrots, broccoli in claypot
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