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Chinese Restaurant Yung

The most popular Peking Duck & Dim Sum in town.

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Hello, we are chinese restaurant Yung in Frankfurt! 

Were You tempted by Your ravenous appetite for Chinese delicacies or your curiosity to try something new? 

You were spoiled by us before or have never been to a Chinese restaurant? 

Either way; we want to warmly welcome You! 

By visiting our restaurant, You can expect Cantonese delicacies, homemade Dim Sum and desserts, our famous Peking duck as well as our own modern creations. 

Our Cantonese delicacies originate in the southern Chinese province called Kanton. The meals are characterized by procedures like steaming, stewing, and roasting in order to get the best out of every bit. The culture is famous for its sweet, spicy, delicate, and rich flavored taste. A variation of spices like pepper, soy sauce, and ginger are a big part of this tasty food. Hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, plum sauce, or sweet and sour sauce are also often used in Cantonese meals.

It is a tradition to drink tea with meals in China. In our restaurant, You will be able to choose from a considerably big range. 

Chinese Restaurant Frankfurt

Many guests come to chinese restaurant Yung for our homemade Dim Sum. The Chinese word “Dim Sum” means “touching the heart” and as soon as You try them, You will understand this choice of name. Dim Sum is a commonly known and loved meal You can get almost everywhere in China. It is eaten as a cheap snack on the streets or markets as well as in tea houses and high-end gastronomy. Dim Sum is meant to be shared and eaten together with friends and family. We offer well-known Dim Sum like spring rolls or glass noodle rolls or more extravagant dumplings like cream cheese pockets or Mango-shrimp-rolls. 

Of course, we also care for everyone not eating meat or animal products in general. We have a bride selection of vegan Dim Sum and main courses. 

Moreover, we are happy to prepare our famous Peking duck for You. It is not only well known because of its excellent taste and its extremely fine but crispy skin. It is also worth it because it is professionally cut at Your table and served on a crab chips plate. You will eat it with sauce and fresh vegetables on thin Chinese pancakes. We promise You will be obsessed after You tried it!

If You plan on hopping by for lunch during the week, we are happy to pamper You with one of our newest healthy bowl creations. Our bowls not only look amazing, but they are yummy and healthy! 

Our entire team of chefs and certified nutritionists is constantly searching for a way to upgrade traditional meals or invent something new! 

You can always expect us to surprise You with a new treat every time You visit! 

Because we are regularly full during the weekends, we recommend You make a reservation at least a couple of days beforehand. You can either do that online or make a call. 

We are looking forward to seeing You soon! 

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