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Chinese dishes - worth knowing about dishes of China

Welcome to the category of "Chinese dishes" on the website of China Restaurant Yung in Frankfurt. We are delighted that you have found your way to us and would like to take you on a journey into a world full of exotic flavors and culinary diversity.

Chinese cuisine is one of the oldest and most versatile in the world, offering a wealth of dishes that delight the senses. With its regional specialties and diverse preparation methods, it is an important part of Chinese culture and reflects the history and traditions of the country.

In our category "Chinese dishes", we would like to introduce you to a selection of the best and most popular Chinese dishes. Whether you are a fan of crispy spring rolls, spicy noodle dishes or juicy pork, here you will find a wide range of flavors and textures.

We have selected a variety of recipes for you, from classics like Peking Duck and Szechuan Chicken to lesser-known dishes like Three Cup Chicken and Ketchup Shrimp (did you know that 'Ke' means tomato and 'chup' means sauce?). Our recipes are easy to understand and follow, so you can also create a piece of China on your table at home.

In addition, we provide interesting background information about Chinese cuisine and its history. We share our knowledge about the special features of ingredients such as different types of mushrooms and spices, as well as traditional Chinese cooking methods. This not only makes cooking an experience but also turns eating into a delight.

Discover the diversity and fascination of Chinese cuisine in our category "Chinese dishes" and let us take you on a culinary journey through China.

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